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Included with your order of the DS Tomek Bowen series. Purchase any of the books in the series and you can opt in to receive a free prequel novella, called Death's Push, in ebook format. The ebook will be delivered to you directly, separately to the paperback.

Hi, I'm Jack Probyn!

You probably haven't heard of me, though the fact that you're reading this far down the page suggests you might already - or you might like to. Either way, I'm happy to have you. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm the author of the DS Tomek Bowen murder mystery series set in my hometown of Essex, and the DC Jake Tanner organised crime thriller series set in London.

If you like devilishly convoluted murder mysterys and edge of your seat thrillers, then I might have something for you. Feel free to have a browse around. I hope you find something you like!


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