My Tools and Resources

There are lots of softwares and tools out there that promise to help authors write the best novel. Some work, some don't. Below, I've compiled a list of my favourites and the ones I use almost every day - or at least for every book I release.

This information may not be applicable to you, but I'm leaving it here just case there are any newbie authors stumbling upon this page, or people who just have an interest in it.

Perfect your first draft


Perhaps the most comprehensive writing tool on the market, Scrivener allows you to do everything. Write your book, manage your scenes, compile your front and back matter, and even export your document as a beautiful epub.

A one-off purchase, no subscription, and can be used on a multitude of devices - and what's better is that it syncs with Dropbox and various other cloud services.

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Perfect your plots and scenes

Plottr Pro

The all-in-one digital plotting software. Want to use visual scene cards you can drag and drop to wherever you need them? Need a place to craft your characters and locations in one place? If you're a plotter who needs to know every intricate detail and scene premise, then this is the software for you. Can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet. I've been using this for a over a year and love it.

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Perfect your formatting


Written the book and now ready to publish, but don't know how to format beautiful ebooks? Then look no further. Vellum is a Mac-only software that enables you to create ebooks and paperback books seamlessly. While it may seem a little pricey, it's super easy and a product you won't regret buying - I certainly haven't.

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Perfect your categories and keywords

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is one of the hottest products in the indie author market, and for good reason. It's one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. Not only will it spit out hundreds of potential Amazon Advertising keywords and ASINs, but it will help you narrow down your 7 keyword choices on your book page, suggest the categories your book should be featured in, as well as give you an idea of how your competitors are doing. A one-off purchase, no subscription, and you won't look back - and if you do, they've got a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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