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Jack Probyn

Death's Grip: Book 2

Death's Grip: Book 2

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Every family has its secrets...

Annabelle Lake thought she recognised the Ford Fiesta waiting outside her school, and the driver in it. She was wrong.

Her body is discovered some time later, dangling from a swing in a local playground on Canvey Island.

The post-mortem shows she’s been fed, clothed and kept warm. That whoever was responsible had looked after her. But when another girl goes missing and is found in a similar fashion, that’s where the similarities end.

Both girls have never met and they’re from completely different backgrounds. So what connects them?

DS Tomek Bowen and the team at Essex Police must find out before it’s too late. And on an island that’s below sea level, it’s only a matter of time until the truth comes flooding out.

Death’s Grip is the unforgettable second book in the DS Tomek Bowen Essex Murder Mystery series by Jack Probyn. Filled with twists, peppered with romance and flavoured with ounces of dark humour, this fast-paced British detective novel will keep you guessing until the very end when the final shocking twist is revealed. Perfect for fans of JD Kirk, JM Dalgliesh, TG Reid, Simon McCleave and Rachel Mclean.


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Note from the author

Thanks for your interest in the DS Tomek Bowen murder mystery series. I first started writing the series in the summer of 2023 and have been blown away by the response to it. As an Essex boy myself, I love being able to explore the area in which I grew up in a different light. I hope you enjoy the series as much I've enjoyed writing it.