DS Tomek Bowen - Reading Order

Murder mystery series set in my hometown of Essex, featuring a (sometimes) loveable detective sergeant, Tomek Bowen.

  • 1. Death's Justice

    Detective Sergeant Tomek Bowen — driven, dogged, and haunted by the death of his brother — is called to one of the most shocking crime scenes he has ever seen. A man has been ritualistically murdered and dumped in an allotment near the local airport.

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  • 2. Death's Grip

    Annabelle Lake thought she recognised the Ford Fiesta waiting outside her school, and the driver in it. She was wrong. Her body is discovered some time later, dangling from a swing in a local playground on Canvey Island.

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  • 3. Death's Touch

    When the fog clears one December morning in Essex, the body of a teenage girl is discovered lying face down in a field. But as soon as the investigation begins, Tomek discovers Lily’s death may be linked to a killing spree that has lain dormant for many years — with no one ever being brought to justice for it.

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  • 4. Death's Kiss

    The body of a teenage girl is found face down in the middle of a field. The evidence surrounded her death is scant, until a vital clue uncovers a terrifying serial killer lying in wait…

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  • 5. Death's Taste

    The body of a homeless man is found wedged between the beach huts of Thorpe Bay. But it isn’t until the victim’s identity is revealed that the town begins to sit up and wonder: who killed him, and why?

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  • 6. Death's Angel

    Coming soon!

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The DC Jake Tanner Universe

DC Jake Tanner Organised Crime Thriller Series - Reading Order

Full-length novels that combine police procedure, organised crime and police corruption.

  • 1. Toe the Line

    A small jeweller’s is raided in Guildford High Street and leaves police chasing their tails. Reports suggest that it’s The Crimsons, an organised crime group the police have been hunting for years. When the shop owner is kidnapped and a spiked collar is attached to her neck, Jake learns one of his own is involved – a police officer.

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  • 2. Walk the Line

    A couple with a nefarious secret are brutally murdered in their London art gallery. Their bodies cleaned. Their limbs dismembered. And the word LIAR inscribed on the woman’s chest.

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  • 3. Under the Line

    DC Jake Tanner thought he’d put the turmoil of the case that nearly killed him behind him. He was wrong. When Danny Cipriano’s body is discovered buried in a concrete tomb, Jake's wounds are reopened. But one thing quickly becomes clear. The former leader of The Crimsons knew too much. And somebody wanted him silenced. For good.

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  • 4. Cross the Line

    For years, Henry Matheson has been untouchable, running the drug trade in east London. Until the body of his nearest competitor is discovered burnt to a lamppost in his estate. Gang war gone wrong, or a calculated murder? Only one man is brave enough to stand up to him and find out.

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  • 5. Over the Line

    Months have passed since Henry Matheson was arrested and sent to prison. Since then DC Jake Tanner and the team at Stratford CID have been making sure the case is watertight. But when a sudden and disastrous fraudulent attack decimates Jake's personal finances, he is propelled into the depths of a dark and dangerous underworld, where few resurface.

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  • 6. Past the Line

    The Cabal is dead. Or so Jake thought. But when Rupert Haversham, lawyer to the city’s underworld, is found dead in his London home, Jake begins to think otherwise. The Cabal’s back, and now they’re silencing people who know too much. Jake included.

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DC Jake Taner SO15 Files Series - Reading Order

Novella length, lightning-quick reads that can be read anywhere. Follow Jake as he joins Counter Terrorism Command in the fight against the worst kind of evil.

  • 1. The Wolf

    A cinema under siege. A race to save everyone inside. An impatient detective. Join Jake as he steps into the darkness.

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  • 2. Dark Christmas

    The head of a terrorist cell is found dead outside his flat in the early hours of Christmas Eve. What was he doing outside? Why was a suicide vest strapped to his body? And what does the note in his sock have to do with his death?

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  • 3. The Eye

    The discovery of a bomb factory leaves Jake and the team scrambling for answers. But can they find them in time?

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  • 4. In Heaven and Hell

    An ominous — and deadly — warning ignites Jake and the team into action. An attack on one of London’s landmarks is coming. But where? And when? Failure could be catastrophic.

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  • 5. Blackout

    What happens when all the lights in London go out, and all the power switches off? What happens when a city is brought to its knees? Jake Tanner’s about to find out. And he’s right in the middle of it.

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  • 6. Eye for an Eye

    Revenge is sweet. But not when it’s against you. Not when they use your family to get to you. Family is off-limits. And Jake Tanner will do anything to protect his.

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  • 7. Mile 17

    Every year, thousands of runners and supporters flock to the streets of London to celebrate the London Marathon. Except this year, there won’t be anything to ride home about.

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  • 8. The Long Walk

    The happiest day of your life, your wedding day. But when it’s a royal wedding, the stakes are much higher. Especially when someone wants to kill the bride.

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  • 9. The End Game

    Jake hasn’t been to a football match in years. But when a terrorist cell attacks his favourite football stadium, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more, Jake is both relieved and appalled — only the day before was he in the same crowds, experiencing the same atmosphere.

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DC Jake Tanner Terror Thriller Series - Reading Order

Full-length novels, following Jake through Counter-Terrorism Command, where the stakes have never been higher.

  • 1. Standstill

    A duo of terrorists seize three airport-bound trains. On board are hundreds of kilos of explosives, and thousands of lives. Jake quickly finds himself caught in a cat and mouse race against time to stop the trains from detonating. But what he discovers along the way will change everything.

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  • 2. Floor 68

    1,000 feet in the air, your worst nightmares come true. Charlie Paxman is going to change the world with a deadly virus. His mode of distribution: the top floor of London’s tallest landmark, The Shard. But only one man can stop. Jake Tanner. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trapped inside a tower, Jake finds himself up against an army of steps and an unhinged scientist that threatens to decimate humanity. But can he stop it from happening?

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