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The Next Destination – the revisions begin!

  The above graphic I created on Canva. Which is what I use for the majority of my little graphics on my website. There's a whole host of functionality AND, most importantly, it's free to use and doesn't take a genius to work out how to use it. Believe me when I say that I… Continue reading The Next Destination – the revisions begin!

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Requiem’s Song, by Daniel Arenson – Book Review

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Daniel Arenson’s first instalment of his Dawn of Dragons trilogy, Requiem’s Song, is a fantastic tale about weredragons who are hunted and slain by their fellow man. The weredragons are seen as a disease among humankind and thus must be eradicated. The story follows the tales of multiple weredragons in their quest to… Continue reading Requiem’s Song, by Daniel Arenson – Book Review

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Author Interview: Jude Thompson

This is my first ever interview/guest/author post - whatever you want to call it. I asked Jude a few questions and she responded. The reason for this post is to gain a little insight into her career and into her life. So, without much further ado... Here's a quick biography on Jude: she lives in… Continue reading Author Interview: Jude Thompson