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Requiem’s Song, by Daniel Arenson – Book Review

Requiem's Song


  • Daniel Arenson’s first instalment of his Dawn of Dragons trilogy, Requiem’s Song, is a fantastic tale about weredragons who are hunted and slain by their fellow man. The weredragons are seen as a disease among humankind and thus must be eradicated.
  • The story follows the tales of multiple weredragons in their quest to save themselves from oppression and their quest to find other members of their kind.


  • My thoughts on the book plot are pretty good. I enjoyed the multiple viewpoints, however, I did get a bit lost and confused sometimes when we were dealing certain characters as their story lines overlapped. But overall, the plot is great, and the concept of people who can turn into dragons is very original – I just wish I had come up with it first!


  • Again, much like my review of John Gwynne’s Malice, there are multiple character viewpoints. I do not mind this, and sometimes I find it a bit difficult to keep track of which character is who, but Daniel Arenson handled it much better than I thought he would and only on a few occasions did I have to double check where we were and who we were dealing with.
  • In terms of substance, the characters have some. I suppose it helps that each dragon is different with respect to colour, size, horns, fangs etc – it helps to differentiate them. In addition, the dragons/characters all seemed to be more 3D than 2D, which is good, and there were definitely some relatable personalities in it.


  • The only issue I had with this novel was the way it was written. It was very repetitive in syntax. It did, however, increase the pace of the novel which, if you want a fast read, is perfect.
  • Also, I found it interesting to see how many ways the transition from human into dragon could be explained. Turns out that got a little repetitive, too.


  • A week or two. Nice and easy read and easy to get lost in the world of Requiem.


  • The book cover is great, as are the rest of the Dragon-themed novels in his fantasy series.
  • JPB Rating: 8/10

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