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My Top 5 Quotes To Live By.

Below, are a list of my top 5 quotes and why. Not too sure what inspired this, but enjoy!


The first is perhaps the most pertinent to me. During my placement year, I’ve learnt not to take things too seriously; if something goes wrong it’s not the end of the world and it is certainly NOT worth stressing out about. In the end, everything we do is pretty minor, so there’s simply no point worrying too much about what goes wrong, so long as you continue to enjoy what you’re doing.


Subsequently, the first quote has led us on to my second favourite – and second most pertinent – quote. Do something you love, otherwise, you won’t have a sense of satisfaction, at least, in my opinion. Again, during my placement year, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve been doing, but it isn’t what I want in life. If I can write for the rest of my life then I will die a happy and fulfilled man.


Bit of a theme emerging here with these quotes. One linking with three… But it’s true, life does go on. Whatever may happen to you might seem like the worst thing to happen but I can promise you it’s not. Just keep moving, we’re all on this journey together and we all make mistakes. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be human.


Surprise, surprise. Another quote about living life to the max. But again, it’s true: LIVE rather than EXIST. I’m pretty sure Oscar Wilde did and he didn’t give a shit about anything. Sure, he was sentenced to prison, but he died after having lived rather than existed.


Finally, a bit of a different flavour for you. This one is about determination. If at first, you don’t succeed – try and try again. Nobody’s going to get it write first time round, so why would you? Nobody owes you anything so you will have to keep trying until you do eventually get it right. But it important not to dwell on the failures, and if you do, then think of them optimistically, for you have learned from them and used those lessons to help you succeed.


Well, there we have it, everybody, a fun lesson into Jack Probyn’s top 5 quotes.

From your happy-go-lucky author!


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