Weekly Wednesday Winspiration

Weekly Wednesday Winspiration: 14th June


Another week has come and gone, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a bit of a busy one for me. Work has picked up slightly, I’ve been to a Festival, and I’ve been busy writing away on a novella that is going to be a prequel to my Thrilling Detective Series.

As usual, we begin Weekly Wednesday Winspiration with a recap:

Before we begin, let us recap, for those who don’t know what WWW is:

What is Weekly Wednesday Winspiration? 

WWW is a place where people can read other people’s sources of inspiration, celebrate their wins, and feel inspired themselves.

Why does WWW matter?

Well, why does anything matter? Here at WWW we think it’s a good idea to celebrate other people’s success, keep their motivations up and even our own. After all, we’re all on this planet together, so working as a community we should get by just alright!

How can I submit my Winspiration? 

It’s great that you want to take part. Anyone and everyone is welcome. To submit, all you have to do is either contact me on my contact page, or you can email me directly at jack@jackprobynbooks.com.
Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s begin. So, without further ado…

Today, we begin our Weekly Wednesday Winspiration with Joscelyn. When she submitted her Winspiration to me, it made me genuinely smile… Hopefully, it’ll have the same effect on you all too!

Winspirer: Joscelyn Kate

Contact details/website: check out the latest on Joscelyn’s posts and helpful services: https://joscelynkate.com/

Winspiration: This week’s Winspiration came from taking a break! It was my daughters first birthday on 6/1 so my husband and I decided to take the following week off. We went to the aquarium, the zoo and the beach. It was a great time to reset and remind myself why I’m working so hard; to provide for my family. It’s important to step back every once in a while and give ourselves a moment to recognize what we have and why we do what we do. I came back this week refreshed, with new ideas and tons of motivation. I landed a ghostwriting gig for a book series and I created an organizational chart to up my marketing strategies. I’m looking forward to a strong week ahead!!

Winspirer: Jude

Contact details/website: You can find out more about Jude and what she’s up to here: https://judethompsonbooks.wordpress.com/

Winspiration:  Winspirations can fall upon you from all sorts of places. This week I was reading a new blog post by my friend Theresa, over at https://ladybuggz.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/help-help-im-losing-my-mind/ she mentioned a dust-bunny that she calls Fred. I chuckled at the way she’d personalised it. I sometimes find monster dust-bunnies under the bed – depending on how long I’ve deferred the vacuuming. It gave me an idea for a short story that I haven’t written yet, but that I have a great plan for. Dust bunnies gather under beds all over the world (except in the houses of those more conscientious cleaners) and my friend Joyce in Canada, well she’s trapped some enormous ones. Others have mentioned them in other countries, and I have this strange and creepy feeling that the dust-wabbits are forming some terrible plot. What if they intend to take over the world?!! Have YOU looked under your bed recently (or your couch). Have you heard whisperings? If so, keep your ear to the ground … and your vacuum cleaner close … and let us know, here, on Jack’s blog! And maybe tell us your dust-wabbit story!

Winspirer: Jack

Contact details/website: it’s above, and you’re on it! Nice and easy.

Winspiration: This week’s Winspiration has been taking up the majority of my time. As I said above, I have been focusing all of my creative efforts on writing a novella that will be my prequel to my (hopefully) first published novel. As a consequence of this, unfortunately, is that my fantasy novel has been put on hold until I am happy with my novella. It seems that I’m incapable of sticking to one thing! In the space of about five-six days I’ve accomplished 20,761 words to be precise (at the time of writing) and won’t stop until I reach 30,000 at least!

The proposed title of the novella: An Unlikely Betrayal.

The premise will be the family a wealthy barrister is brutally murdered in their own home and the surviving daughter – the eldest of two – has been kidnapped. It’s up to our detective, Jake Tanner, to find the killer and save the girl. When there’s a ransom demand and punishments imposed for any delays on national television, Jake Tanner and his colleague, Ashley Rivers, are up against the clock.

Sound good? Let me know your thoughts. There will be a separate post coming up soon.

There we have it, people, another week gone by, another lot of inspiration.

Seems like we had some really good ones this week. Keep up the good work everyone. I hope this is inspiring you to keep going towards your goals!

A massive thank you to Joscelyn and Jude for taking part, and thank you to you, the reader. We hope you are feeling just as inspired as us.

Again, if you like what you see and want to take part then contact me jack@jackprobynbooks.com. In the title of the email put “WWW – *your name*” with your winspiration.

© Jack Probyn 2017


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Winspiration: 14th June

  1. You’re working hard at that novella Jack, good for you. I’d find it hard to stop working on the fantasy and switch to the novella. Good that you can do that!


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