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My Dream Writing Space…

As much as this image looks like paradise, it’s not my dream writing space. Although, it is incredibly close.

There are millimetres of difference in it…

But to tell you what my dream desk situation would be I would first need to answer the question: what is my dream location?


Yep, that’s right. For a long time now one of my dreams has been to go to Alaska (alongside the Maldives and Norway). I can’t tell you why or anything, I just think it looks so stunning.

But why would Alaska be the only place on earth where I would want to have a desk that I’m able to write on?

Imagine it. Floor-to-ceiling windows. Sublime mountains in the background, tall dark brown and green trees in the foreground. Snow falls gently to the ground. A deer (or wild animal) runs across the windows.

You sit down to write and you just feel the words oozing out of you.

There would just be a serenity and tranquillity about the scenario that wouldn’t distract you from writing. Whereas, were you, for example, sat on the beach, surrounded by sand and sea and palm trees, you’d be distracted and inclined to go for a swim every now and then.

The only flaw in this plan would be in the wintry months. If it’s too cold, then sometimes it’s not worth braving the sub-zero temperatures.

With any luck, I like to think there wouldn’t be some sort of Misery type situation going on either…

If it ever happens – if I ever live in Alaska and become an author – and suddenly I disappear, you know what happened.


3 thoughts on “My Dream Writing Space…

  1. When I was 22 – many, many moons ago I went to Canada and lived in a log cabin in the mountains, and the snow was deep, and the bears were grizzly! Trouble was I was so busy in the outdoors that I never had much time to write. I wanted to go to the Yukon, but one time ended up in the Northwest Territories in Yellowknife! Crazy times.
    If you ever get the chance then GO! You’ll never regret it! 🙂

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