Weekly Wednesday Winspiration

Weekly Wednesday Winspiration: 7th June

Another week has gone by and hopefully everyone has been feeling inspired. Even in light of recent events.

It’s crazy to think that a week has gone by already, which makes me think, time is precious, and it’s important to feel as though you’ve done something in that time, otherwise it’s just being wasted. Even if you’ve done something even remotely related to productivity, then it’s a Win!

Before we begin, let us recap, for those who don’t know what WWW is:

What is Weekly Wednesday Winspiration? 

WWW is a place where people can read other people’s sources of inspiration, celebrate their wins, and feel inspired themselves.

Why does WWW matter?

Well, why does anything matter? Here at WWW we think it’s a good idea to celebrate other people’s success, keep their motivations up and even our own. After all, we’re all on this planet together, so working as a community we should get by just alright!

How can I submit my Winspiration? 

It’s great that you want to take part. Anyone and everyone is welcome. To submit, all you have to do is either contact me on my contact page, or you can email me directly at jack@jackprobynbooks.com.
Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s begin. So, without further ado…

Winspirer: Jack

Contact details/ website: it’s above, and you’re on it! Nice and easy.

Winspiration: This week’s Winspiration has come to me in the form of an idea – as I’m sure they generally will – but it has been an idea that I’ve already put into action.

Recently, I’ve set up my own mailing list, and after extensive research I found the best way to convert traffic from my site and get those email signups for my email list,  was to create some form of ebook. A giveaway that readers would appreciate having. Then a dilemma hit me. I didn’t have an ebook, or I didn’t have anything long enough that was worthy of someone’s email. So I had to think. And then I remembered that I had at least 10,000 words’ worth of short stories lying around, waiting to be published on my site.

That’s when I began to collate them all and turned them into an ebook. I created a graphic to help “sell” the ebook and also set up a welcome email to the lucky people who want to read it!

If you fancy seeing what it’s like, and if it’s good you can find it here: FREE eBook Here People!

Winspirer: Jude

Contact details/website: You can find out more about Jude and what she’s up to here: https://judethompsonbooks.wordpress.com/

Winspiration: I was looking through my mushroom photos this week and came across a photograph that I’d forgotten about, taken on a mushroom hunt last autumn in the woods that surround us. Only this wasn’t a mushroom it was blood! Immediately it set off a Winspiration – thoughts on a short story. Living here in the country in France we have accepted the hunting of wild boar and deer, and I assumed that the blood I came across splashed on the ferns was most likely from an injured animal. But the picture stirred my mind and it tore off into a variety of possibilities for a story. Blood in the woods! Pictures are wonderful props to grow stories from – a bit like planting a seed only with immediate results. And from that photograph a story was Winspired!

You can check out what Creative Idea Jude came up with in her SHOT! Short Story.

Winspirer: My dad. Yes, that’s right, you heard it. My dad.

Winspiration: Recently, my dad has undergone an operation on his kidneys. He had the op which meant he needed some time off work – three weeks, to be precise, the lucky bugger! And in that time I imagine he was pretty bored (which, it turns out, he was).

Now, he’s a massive cycle buff (push bikes, the ones that use up his own energy rather than the world’s) and so he built his own bicycle! I think it’s quite an achievement and to be honest, it looks pretty good!


Excuse the diabolical mess.


Winspirer: Joscelyn

Contact details/website: check out the latest on Joscelyn’s posts and helpful services: https://joscelynkate.com/

Winspiration: My Winspiration this week has been the discovery of FB groups for freelancers!! They are so helpful, insightful and supportive. I’ve joined two groups- Writing Revolters and Freedom to Freelance Project. There are great writers in both groups, they offer advice and feedback for free. The groups have days where you can share your posts and gain more traffic and you can ask for suggestions to improve future traffic. In Freedom to Freelance, the moderator gave away a free course to master your marketing plan and it was incredibly helpful! They offer a couple days a month of freebies so it’s been super helpful.

There we have it, people, another week gone by, another lot of inspiration.

Hope this is inspiring you to keep going on towards your goals!

A massive thank you to Joscelyn and Jude for taking part, and thank you to you, the reader. We hope you are feeling just as inspired as us.

Again, if you like what you see and want to take part then contact me jack@jackprobynbooks.com. In the title of the email put “WWW – *your name*” with your winspiration.

© Jack Probyn 2017


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