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A Heavy Sense of Nostalgia 

img_8092.jpgSo yesterday, in the garden, I was helping my dad destroy our old family shed. It hadn’t been used for years and was rotting pretty much everywhere. And when I say “destroy”, it’s a bit misleading. When I was asked to help I was under the impression it would involve using hammers and chainsaws. But unfortunately, it wasn’t. I was sold dreams that wouldn’t come true.

Instead, I had to us a few screwdrivers and a crowbar (that was about as fun as it got). But nevertheless, we did it and now the garden looks much bigger as a result.

But after we’d finished, my dad showed me a large red tub that I used to have when I was a child.

That’s when I went down memory lane. In the large red tub, I found all of my ancient Hot Wheels cars and other toy cars from my childhood.

So I did as any 20-year-old would do: I sat down and went through them all and played with them, allow the nostalgia to swallow me up.

It was great fun, and I even found some of my old favourites:

The Green Nissan Skyline in the top left was my all-time fav. And there it is alongside the runner-up.

I had a look at the underbelly of some of them, and their dates stretched back as far as 1981!! It’s insane to think they’re still going more than 35 years later! I like to think they’d be worth an absolute fortune in the future, but I can’t see it happening considering the state they’re in…

It made me feel old when some of my favourites were from the year 2000.

But seeing them again nd playing with them made me happy.

And the moral of that is you should never grow up.


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