100 Words or Less

100 Words or Less: Where Did All The Time Go?

It’s that time again. That sporadic time where I grace you kind and generous people with a bit of flash fiction which is 100 Words or Less. I make a point of keeping them below 100 Words because otherwise, it wouldn’t be true to myself. I mean, of course, you could copy and paste the text into a word document and double-check my word count, but you wouldn’t because a) nobody can be bothered for that can they really? and b) you trust me to do it correctly.


It’s all running out…


It comes in many forms.

The fashion we wear on our wrists.

The growth in the hair on our bodies.

The rise and fall of the sun and moon.

The stretching and shrinking shadows.

The bloom and decay of flowers.

The race to fertile the egg.

The enduring hours of labour.

The late night and early morning screams.

The first steps.

The first bike ride.

The first day at school.

The first relationship.

The day of graduation.

The first job.

Your midlife crisis.

Your retirement.

Your hospital bills.

All the while, you’ve accomplished nothing, wondering where the time went.


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