Weekly Wednesday Winspiration

Weekly Wednesday Winspiration: 31st May

Drumroll, please…

Hurrah! The (somewhat) long-anticipated first instalment of Weekly Wednesday Winspiration (WWW) is live. The process has now officially begun and to say I am delighted is an understatement.

It’s only very small at the moment, but nevertheless, it could turn into something larger. The best soil for growth is time.

And so, I believe we should begin.

But before we do, let us recap, for those who don’t know what WWW is:

What is Weekly Wednesday Winspiration? 

WWW is a place where people can read other people’s sources of inspiration, celebrate their wins, and feel inspired themselves.

Why does WWW matter?

Well, why does anything matter? Here at WWW we think it’s a good idea to celebrate other people’s success, keep their motivations up and even our own. After all, we’re all on this planet together, so working as a community we should get by just alright!

How can I submit my Winspiration? 

It’s great that you want to take part. Anyone and everyone is welcome. To submit, all you have to do is either contact me on my contact page, or you can email me directly at jack@jackprobynbooks.com.
Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s begin. So, without further ado…

Winspirer: Jack Probyn

Contact details/website: it’s above, and you’re on it! Nice and easy.

Winspiration: This week I’ve had quite a few sources of inspiration/inspirational moments. Over the weekend I was down in the south of England visiting my other half and had a small break from writing. We’d gone to the town centre and I’d bought a few books – nothing unusual there – but an inspirational moment hit me for a potential novel idea.

We were on the bus and I saw a homeless man outside a bookstore. This in itself might not sound like that much of an inspiring moment, however, the thought that occurred to me was what if? 

What if a homeless man saves all his gatherings from the generous passersby, buys books, reads them and then sells them on for a profit? He would begin to create his own business, and would, later on, become a wealthy entrepreneur. I quite liked the idea of that. Rags to riches type thing. It’s like one of those feel-good movies that you see in the cinema. There an idea was born, and so, after I’ve finished all of the countless other projects I’m working on/will be in the future, this is something I will pursue.

Winspirer: Jude

Introduction to Jude: Jude lives in France and is an author of a fantasy novel and children’s books. She has produced and designed all elements of her novels herself – which is really exciting and quite an achievement!

Contact details/website: You can find out more about Jude and what she’s up to here: https://judethompsonbooks.wordpress.com/

Her Winspiration: Jack’s brainwave about coming up with Winspirations is a good way of letting you see what sudden thought, train of thought, or incident brought about a win. Sometimes I can wrack my brains for an idea for a post for my author blog, and if I should decide it’s time for a short story then I have to do a lot more racking to come up with an idea. In my case last week I ran into my friend Marianne and over coffee, she mentioned that she had a collection of garden gnomes. This drew my thoughts on to nasty gnome nabbers that nick your gnome in the night (what about that for a bit of alliteration!) and then go on holiday and send you a postcard from your much loved gnome! (I’ve heard of people that really do this). So my thoughts went down the gnome trail after that but instead of the gnome theft idea, I went for temporary reincarnation as a gnome. A wacky short story soon to go up on my author blog. Thanks Marianne for that nugget of Winspiration!

Stay tuned on her blog for when that short story is published!

Here is some of the artwork for Jude’s books:


Introduction to Joscelyn: Joscelyn is a freelance writer and blogger. On her blog she offers tips and advice for fellow writers, and if you’re ever in need of promoting your business through the written word, Joscelyn can offer some pretty handy services!

Contact details/website: check out the latest on Joscelyn’s posts and helpful services: https://joscelynkate.com/

Her Winspiration: I recently learned that Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic for many blogs. Since deciding to join Pinterest, I have been introduced to Amber Temerity. My Winspiration moment happened when she said: “think of Pinterest as a search engine, not a social media platform.” Amazing advice!! When people go to Pinterest they are not so much networking and connecting as they are searching for information, advice or ideas. If your posts, pins, board titles and profile are search engine optimised, you’re more likely to show at the top of search feeds. This will drive even more traffic to your site than just using group boards or pinning sporadically. I have actually seen an increase in my Pinterest referrals since optimising my board names.

Here is an example of Joscelyn’s Pinterest posts: Stay Motivated and Write On (1)

Well, everyone, that’s it. Our first Weekly Wednesday Winspiration.

A massive thank you to Joscelyn and Jude for taking part, and thank you to you, the reader. We hope you are feeling just as inspired as us.

Again, if you like what you see and want to take part then contact me jack@jackprobynbooks.com. In the title of the email put “WWW – *your name*” with your winspiration.

© Jack Probyn 2017


One thought on “Weekly Wednesday Winspiration: 31st May

  1. An excellent start Jack – well organised and well written! I enjoyed both your and Jocelyn’s Winspirations. Onward and upward I think!


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