100 Words or Less

100 Words or Less: Rapid Descent

It’s been a while since I last posted one of my 100 Words or Less ideas. The inspiration for these usually comes from nothing, and they are so easy to write as well. Not a great deal of thought needs to go into them. Although, you can make them as complex as you’d like.

I’ve even done some “poetic” ones which is way beyond my comfort zone. Whenever I’ve been sat in my seminars at university and we’ve had to come up with some poetry, I’ve always frozen up. As much as I enjoy reading it (sometimes), I have always hated writing it. There’s always felt like there’s a voice in my head telling me it’s shit.

And I listen to it… but anyway, here is a non-poem 100 Words or Less!

 What would you do if your worst fears came true, how would you react?


I can’t hear the engines anymore. It’s just silent. Leaning across the person next to me I look out the window.

The pitch black darkness of the abyss below reflects only my face in the window. That makes it worse, so much worse.

Then the nose of the plane dips forward. My intestines rise through my throat. Down the aisle, I see the stewardesses frantically reaching for the intercom.

“Brace for impact,” one of them calls. Before she can finish, the plane is near vertical and she tumbles up the aisle.

This is it, the end.


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