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The Top 5 Free Stock Image Site You Should Be Using

Whether you just like looking at pretty pictures of scenery and dogs on the Internet, or whether you use them for a purpose, stock image websites are excellent. Especially, when you land yourself a goldmine!

Personally, I use images as a form of inspiration. For example, the 100 Words or Less: Pyro post was inspired by an image of a fire. There are many layers to an image, much like the layers in prose. Although I do not claim to be a master of photography or anything, I just know that for me, an image can be a powerful form of creation. Not only does it have to be the content of the image itself; it could also be the story behind the shot, the journey the photographer has embarked on to get the perfect capture. That in itself could be a story.

Not to mention, everyone loves a graphic in a blog post, it breaks up the text and makes everything look more appealing!

There are many possibilities. But where to find the right one? Where is the best place to look? Well, without you having to trawl through the Internet, I’ve done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of five very good websites on the Internet where you’ll be able to source stunning imagery.

They are as follows:

Pixabay – 5/5. This is my personal favourite. All I have to do is scroll down the newsfeed and wait for the inspiration to strike. There is such a wide variety of imagery to choose from. The download is easy, with a choice of image sizes, and you can even have the option to donate to the uploader. There’s even an iOS app, too!pixabay


pixabay 2
Here’s a screenshot of Pixabay’s homepage, showing the wide variety of images they have to offer.



Next on my list is:

Pexels – 3/5. This one has a mediocre interface. Mediocre selection of images. It gives you the option of pixel sizes, as well. In addition, a cool feature is that you can search for photos based on colour.


Coming up next, but (still) not in any particular order:

Unsplash – 4/5. The image content is good, as there are some really decent images on there. The news feed is excellent, too – it’s so nice to just scroll and look at all the imagery. In terms of searching, it’s not that great; you have to know exactly you want for searching.


unsplash 2
I had to zoom out so far to take this screenshot because the images are so large!


In fourth (but not fourth) place: – 4/5. The image selection on is good, with multiple search options, and many other navigation bars. But what excites me about this one is that you can create your own graphics for things like blog posts, or twitter images, or headers etc. this is completely free and easy to use, although some features do come at a cost!


Finally, is:

Kaboompics – 3/5. Good choice of images with an easy to use interface, despite only having 4000+ images (quite a few less than others). Their newsfeed does also contain articles, however, so if you’re looking for just imagery then perhaps not the best. Another interesting feature is that each image is titled and it appears when you hover over it. Although, this can get annoying after a while.

kaboom 1kaboom 2

Well, I hope this has been helpful and if you enjoyed it why not give it a like. Do also check out the websites, they are hyperlinked and see for yourself what I’m talking about. I hope they (and this post) fill you with as much inspiration as you may need.



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