100 Words or Less

100 Words or Less: The Black Hole Effect


Bright lights. Bright fluorescent blue lights. The phosphorescent material hurts my eyes, but I can’t peel my eyes from it. The water around me is cold, but warm. I was told it would be a “nice” temperature, but I don’t know anymore. It’s difficult to tell.

It’s all difficult. Just as I begin to think I am going crazy, the doctor appears. “It is time,” he said in his soft tone and closed the lid.

I was suspended in darkness. Falling, but not falling.

Everything is difficult. Thinking. Breathing. Feeling. Seeing. Hearing. Smelling. Knowing.

I’m stuck in a chasm forever.


5 thoughts on “100 Words or Less: The Black Hole Effect

  1. Creepy, I want to know where you are and what will happen!
    Where do you get your titles for 100 Words or less, or do you create them yourself? I think it’s a great exercise.

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    1. As would I! Perhaps it could be another project that I may turn into a longer piece – who knows?

      I come up with titles for them myself. The majority of them just come to me, or partly inspire the content of the 100 Words or Less.

      There will be many more to follow!

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      1. It’s a great idea, I may give it a whirl on my blog just to keep my writing brain exercised. I’ve spent the last three months preparing my 4 ebooks for paperback, but finished the last one today! Time to write again 😁

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      2. Absolutely! I’m really looking forward to starting back into the sequel to my fantasy novel. I was up to about 12000 words when I left it a couple of years ago. But I’d like to do some writing on the blog too. Self publishing in paperback (Createspace) was a big learning curve, but got easier with each book. Cover design took a while too, but was great fun!

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