100 Words or Less

100 Words or Less: Fly on the Wall


“Why are you always like this after a drink?” Georgina asked.

“You’re just like your mother. Never happy, even when we’re out with friends. You always find a way to spoil it, don’t you,” Justin replied. His speech slurred and body swayed as he moved closer toward Georgina.

Justin extended his arm and attempted to grab his girlfriend’s shoulder. She pulled away and slapped him. There was a momentary silence and a collective gasp that fell on the bar as Justin stumbled backwards.

His glass soared through the air and smashed into my forehead.

It wasn’t a successful double date.


3 thoughts on “100 Words or Less: Fly on the Wall

  1. Loved that! You should do a contest or a challenge. Have you ever entered your work on Prose? Or maybe Medium? They are both great sites to expand your audience. Let me know. I have a couple of pieces on Prose and many more on Medium.


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