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Writing Excerpt: Challenge #2 – horrifyingly terrible adverbs

Hello, all!

Now, I understand it has been some while since I last posted anything of interest to pretty much anyone, anywhere in the world.

Well, at last… the wait is over!

As I have taken quite a break from writing for a hefty length of time, I thought the best way to settle into the routine of things and to kick things off again would be to do another short piece/writing challenge (similar to the one I have done here.)

However, the brief for this one is to write 100 words on absolutely anything making sure to use as many overbearingly annoying adverbs as you can in the given word count.

Adverbs, as any writer (even some of the best and most prolific), will tell you, adverbs are to be feared and distanced at all costs. But, as a writer, I quite like them. Although, I do still understand where the professionals are coming from when they say this, and I am cautious of where and how I place them in my writing, but sometimes… sometimes they’re just fun!

Which is why I enjoyed writing this small piece titled The Race! It’s not much, but it’s a start nevertheless.

Enjoy and thank you.

Emphatically, I crossed the finish line, with a perfectly timed nose-dive toward the disgustingly brown floor.

The other contestants slowly saunter behind me, staring at me disapprovingly. I noticed a change in their faces flicker slightly as they walked past me, but I didn’t care.

My heart danced enthusiastically in my chest, ricocheting voraciously behind my rapidly billowing ribcage. My mouth dried with the succulent inhalation of the air I so desperately desired.

I turned to my coach. His ridiculously low trousers almost dangled by his feet. He picked me up and said, “I always knew you’d do it.”


2 thoughts on “Writing Excerpt: Challenge #2 – horrifyingly terrible adverbs

  1. Ashamed to say that I had to look up adverbs because I couldn’t remember exactly what one was! It can’t say much for my writing! But reading your 100 word piece I would have picked up on there being a lot of words ending in ‘ly’. It was a fun exercise Jack, and will definitely make me think honestly and seriously, about being overly extravagant with those lovely adverbs! 🙂

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