My Fantasy Novel 

Perhaps this could be a weekly update on the progress of the first draft for my Fantasy Novel. But then again, what could I actually achieve in a week that would leave you wanting to know what happens each time I post? I’m not sure. But I suppose for the time being I could trial it and see what happens. 

But to bring you up to speed, the first draft of the manuscript sits at 125,000 words, and I fear it could be even longer! In fact, I think I might be approaching the 180,000 number for this one – the most words I would have written for any of the first drafts I’ve done.

“Why is it so long, Jack?” I hear you ask. Well, imaginary voice, for me, fantasy fiction is long, and is meant to be loooooonnggg. So much so, in fact, that every is left overturned. In the first draft I want to cover EVERYTHING, and truly capture all of the scenes and moments that appear in my head in vivid detail. Fantasy should be about readers indulging themselves in the novel’s world, and what better way to do that than giving them so much content they become the character, on their long and arduous (in the case of my novel) journey. 

Everyone loves a long book, don’t they? So long as it is filled with delightful content, twists, shocks, horrors – all of the above! 

And that’s what I hope to accomplish with this novel. It would be way in the future that it’s released, purely because it is just SO long, and of course, there may be other things that get in the way of it. But alas, it is a long story, and thus requires a long length of time to make it perfect.

At present, I do not wish to disclose the premise of the story, because I like to keep y’all guessing, but perhaps it may contain the following;

Fluorescent Tigers being strangled by children.

Or my personal favourite:

The dreamworks guy who looks like he’s a load of acid and isn’t feeling too great. 


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