As I mentioned in my blog post on why writing competitions are a great thing to do, I said I would post the short stories/excerpts that I submitted. The blog post can be found here.


Today, I wanted to talk about a great challenge I stumbled upon on Twitter. Christopher Fielden’s website offers loads of competitions and challenges that you can submit content to and it will be published. As simple as that!


The one I found was the ‘sensory writing challenge’ – check it out here: Chris’ Crazy Challenges. The premise of the challenge is to write a maximum of 175 words of prose, referring to as many of the five senses as you can. It only took less than hour, with the biggest struggle sticking to the 175 word limit. I believe I met that limit exactly. In my opinion, a short word limit is perfect in developing a writer’s skills because it teaches you to be more concise in your writing.


Enough of me rambling, here’s my piece. Enjoy!

The Room

It was dark. Too dark. He didn’t know how he got here. But when he woke, the only light that filled the room was the heavy blanket of harsh, fluorescent white that encompassed his mind.

It was painful. Too painful. His skull throbbed with the repetitive beat of his racing heart. Thud thud. Thud thud. Thud thud.

It was cold. Too cold. A delicate wintry breeze swam over the curves and contours of his body. Half his skin rose in protest as the air hugged him tightly, with his nipples leading the attack.

Why was he half naked?

He didn’t know. Where was he?

He didn’t know.

He struggled to open his eyes, ignoring the pain that ensued. A solitary candle, placed on a large, uneven stone, flickered and danced carelessly in the air. It was aromaless, save for the acrid smell of corrosive chemical and decaying flesh.

The rest of the room was empty except for tiny rivulets of water weaving down the walls.

Fear grappled him. A figure of death advanced.



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