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For some unknown reason, I stumbled upon an image of an exotic country, and it inspired me to write this post.

Here is the image for all those impatient few!denys-nevozhai-185489.jpg

I mean, wow. Look at it! It’s so blue and green – and most importantly, it looks warm. Somehow, (and I’m not quite sure where the time has gone) it is March, and already the temperature is on the increase. Although, this being the United Kingdom you can expect sporadic flurries of snow and intervals of gale force winds. But that is beside the point, for the point I am trying to make is that the summertime is wonderful, isn’t it? Everyone instantly feels a hundred times better as soon as they wake up to rays of sunshine beating down on them in their bedroom, or when it is longer a massive pain to dress in tens of layers every morning before you leave the house.

Summer is truly magical.

In more ways than one.

For me, later in the year is when I would aspire to publish my novel. It would have to be a tight turnaround, but nothing is impossible. Submitting to impatience and sacrificing quality would be detrimental to the future success of my first ever publication – and that is something that I don’t want!

So why am I telling you this? Well, firstly because I saw that stunning image and it reminded me of the happy times that come attached to summer. Secondly, the image inspired me to write this. Thirdly, the image is somewhat related to my future plans. And fourthly, the picture above, I believe, is so powerful that it has the possibility to invoke inspiration upon anyone.

For example, imagine a story where a crazy murderer storms the island and one man and his wife are left to defend themselves.

Or, imagine a woman falls in love with a man, only for her to realise that the man isn’t real, but a figment of her imagination. What if the island isn’t real, either?

Plot twists galore.

Inspiration then, can come from something as small as a picture. You just have to allow yourself to see the potential it holds, and let your creativity run free with it.

After seeing this, did you get any inspiration from the image? If so, what was it?



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