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What will happen this year?


Currently, I am entering 2017 writing the first draft for my first fantasy novel. Set in a world where the sun sets in the south and the winter is preceded by summer, a young boy is on the journey to becoming an assassin. But there is something special about this boy, something that will determine his future forever, should he choose to accept it.

Before this, I have spent the past year putting together two first drafts for crime-related novels. The first one I ever completed (which I was stoked about, but has since taken a backseat) is about a young man who becomes an international drug dealer – yes, out of choice!

The second first draft is a crime/terror novel whereby a detective finds himself in the chase to determine which explosives will be detonated on a series of trains.

These are all very much in the pipeline to be released this year (with any luck, at least!). What I aim to have published by the end of this year will be my detective novel, which will be part of a bigger series.

Of course, throughout the year, I will be posting blog updates including tips for the aspiring writer (using the things I have learned over the past year), as well as potential book reviews for books of the same genre in which I write and other updates on how things are going.

If you are reading this and like what you read, then stick around, because your support is greatly appreciated! We’ve all got to start somewhere and here is where I am, so why not join the journey with me, and if you’re around at the beginning then there may be some offers up for grabs!


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